Thursday Thought: Oral Piercings

How can oral piercings affect your dental health? Oral Piercings have increased in popularity among all age groups, especially teens and women. As with anything new we are interested in proceeding with, it is important to consider all risks associated … Continue reading

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Thursday Thought: Dealing with Dental Anxiety

Are You Afraid of the Dentist? Believe it or not, many people are often nervous about going to the dentist. They worry about if it will hurt, the cost, will there be down time. However, there are many people with … Continue reading

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Thursday Thought: How You Benefit from Sealants

What Are Sealants? Why Should I Get Sealants? Why are things sealed?   We seal food to help preserve it and ultimately it will last longer.   We also seal leaks in our homes. This stops unwanted air from entering your home. Another … Continue reading

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Thursday Thought: The Benefits of Fluoride

Do you know the benefits of fluoride dental treatments?  Has your dental hygienist recommended fluoride treatment and you have denied due to concerns over fluoride or expense? Well, here’s the truth about fluoride in conjunction with your dental treatment. The … Continue reading

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Thursday Thought: Swimming & Your Oral Health

Did you know that exposure to pool chlorine can lead to teeth staining, dental pain, and other dental problems? Risks Posed by Swimming Swimming is the favorite sport during the summer months. We all love swimming in our home and … Continue reading

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Thursday Thought: Myths About Diabetes

Myths About Diabetes A myth is a widely held belief/idea that is false. Many myths exist about all sorts of things. According to the American Diabetes Association, there are also many myths regarding diabetes. Just to name a few: Myth … Continue reading

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Thursday Thought

When we think about flying, we make lists so as not to forget. The lists vary from what clothes to take, what medications we need to take, stopping mail delivery, setting up care for the dog, someone to check your … Continue reading

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Improve Your Gum Health

Gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. Taking preventive action to help keep your gums healthy can minimize your risk of developing gum disease. Gum disease is categorized into two stages: gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis is the earliest stage … Continue reading

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What is Causing Your Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can make the everyday task seem more difficult and uncomfortable. You would be surprised to learn that many patients suffer from tooth sensitivity. When it comes to extensive tooth pain or discomfort, it is important to find a dentist … Continue reading

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Everything You Need To Know About Your First Visit

Regular visits to the dentist are necessary to maintain optimal oral health. Severna Park dentist Dr. Lynn Morgan has over 25 years of experience helping patients maintain a bright, healthy-looking smile. Dr. Morgan believes patients should visit our Severna Park dental office biannually … Continue reading

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