Thursday Thought: Dealing with Dental Anxiety

Are You Afraid of the Dentist? Believe it or not, many people are often nervous about going to the dentist. They worry about if it will hurt, the cost, will there be down time. However, there are many people with … Continue reading

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How To Manage Dental Fear

Whether dental fear stems from a past bad experience or a fear of needles, Dr. Lynn Morgan, Dr. Alec Dancy, and our dental care team understand it is a real concern. Dental fear can prevent you from getting the dental care … Continue reading

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It’s Dental Implant Month

Are you a patient who is missing one or more teeth? Dental implants may be able to offer the solution you need. Dental implants can be a functional and convenient replacement option for patients in need. Severna Park dentists Dr. … Continue reading

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Halitosis and the Body Oral Connection

Do you ever find yourself feeling embarrassed by your bad breath? Do you cover your mouth or avoid getting too close to other people? Do you brush and floss regularly adn still have bad breath right after cleaning your teeth … Continue reading

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Happy Patients of Dr. Lynn Morgan

Severna Park, MD family dentist Dr. Lynn Morgan and Dr. Paluchowski invite you to join our dental family! We provide comprehensive and personal dental care for your entire family’s dental health care needs. Our compassionate and highly trained staff focuses … Continue reading

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Oral Cancer Screening

Men as early as in their twenties have been diagnosed with oral cancer. That makes oral cancer screenings essential for patients of all ages. Early diagnosis of oral cancer can save lives. Severna Park, MD Dr. Lynn Morgan and Dr. … Continue reading

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Dental Implants For A Natural Smile

Severna Park, MD restorative dentists Dr. Lynn Morgan and Dr. Paluchowski provide full-service dental implant procedures. Dental implants are a lasting and comfortable treatment for missing teeth. No matter how many teeth you are missing, dental implants can restore the … Continue reading

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Dental Crowns Offer Many Benefits

Severna Park, MD dentist Dr. Lynn Morgan offers multiple styles of dental crowns to provide their patients with individualized and comprehensive oral care. With careful attention to your cosmetic goals, and oral health needs, our dental care team will help … Continue reading

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Benefits of Restorative Dentistry

Modern dentistry emphasizes the importance of restoring and maintaining a patient’s dental health because of the role it plays in both overall physical well being and daily quality of life. Severna Park dentists Dr. Morgan and Dr. Wessner educate their … Continue reading

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Dr. Wessner:
Adult Orthodontics

Can you guess whose teeth these are?? If you haven’t guessed it, they are Dr. Wessner’s. If you would have asked her a few weeks ago if she would ever have braces, the answer would have been no! To look … Continue reading

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