Know Your Teeth

Our teeth are an essential part of our bodies but how well do you know your teeth? Your teeth help you chew. They play an important part in forming the shape of your mouth and consequently your entire face. They … Continue reading

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Thursday Thought: Salt Water, An Essential for Life

DID YOU KNOW THAT SALT WATER IS CRUCIAL FOR LIFE, HEAT AND POWER? Salt water is made when solid salt (i.e., table salt) is added to water. It then breaks apart in particles and acts just like a balloon does … Continue reading

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Thursday Thought: How You Benefit from Sealants

What Are Sealants? Why Should I Get Sealants? Why are things sealed?   We seal food to help preserve it and ultimately it will last longer.   We also seal leaks in our homes. This stops unwanted air from entering your home. Another … Continue reading

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Thursday Thought: The Benefits of Fluoride

Do you know the benefits of fluoride dental treatments?  Has your dental hygienist recommended fluoride treatment and you have denied due to concerns over fluoride or expense? Well, here’s the truth about fluoride in conjunction with your dental treatment. The … Continue reading

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Thursday Thought: Swimming & Your Oral Health

Did you know that exposure to pool chlorine can lead to teeth staining, dental pain, and other dental problems? Risks Posed by Swimming Swimming is the favorite sport during the summer months. We all love swimming in our home and … Continue reading

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Straight Talk About Crooked Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the source of much dental anxiety. The removal  of wisdom teeth is one of the most frequently performed yet much dreaded procedures among consumers of dental care. Maybe Dr. Morgan can help lessen some of that anxiety. … Continue reading

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Thursday Thought

When we think about flying, we make lists so as not to forget. The lists vary from what clothes to take, what medications we need to take, stopping mail delivery, setting up care for the dog, someone to check your … Continue reading

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How To Manage Dental Fear

Whether dental fear stems from a past bad experience or a fear of needles, Dr. Lynn Morgan, Dr. Alec Dancy, and our dental care team understand it is a real concern. Dental fear can prevent you from getting the dental care … Continue reading

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It’s Oral Cancer Awareness Month

It’s oral cancer awareness month. If you have not been screened for oral cancer recently, you may want to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Oral cancer remains one of the most underdiagnosed forms of cancers. Sometimes symptoms can be hard to … Continue reading

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Solutions For Damaged Teeth

You’ve chipped your tooth; now what do you do? The first step is to schedule an appointment with an experienced dentist. Severna Park dentist Dr. Lynn Morgan and Dr. Alec Dancy offer patient-focused, comprehensive family dental care to patients in need. … Continue reading

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