Teeth whitening provides a quick “smile makeover”! | Dr. V. Lynn Morgan, DDS

The summer months are often a time of parties and celebrations: weddings, graduations, reunions and community gatherings offer a chance to show off a new dress, a new tan or a new, fresher looking smile!

Annapolis area dentist, Dr. V. Lynn Morgan, is currently offering a special on professional at home teeth whitening kits, making it the perfect time to consider this quick way to makeover your smile. For the month of August, Teeth whitening is being offered at 50% off in her Severna Park dental office.

The take home kit offered by Dr. Morgan contains professional grade products that are superior to over the counter kits, making it easy for patients to meet their needs without disrupting their busy schedule! Patients will be able to achieve long lasting results with good at home oral hygiene and the occasional touch up. Dr. Morgan also suggests limiting the consumption of dark foods and beverages to keep teeth looking their whitest- tea, coffee, red wine and smoking are some of the common causes of yellowing or stained teeth.

The at home kit will consist of several custom bleaching trays that Dr. Morgan will prepare for her Severna Park area dental patients to wear daily for several weeks. The trays are created specifically for each patient so that they fit well and contact with the sensitive gum tissue is minimized. This also ensures that the professional bleaching product is distributed evenly over the surface of the teeth in order to maximize the results.

Mild sensitivity is the most commonly reported side effect associated with teeth whitening, but it typically resolves within a few days.

Don’t miss this opportunity to bring back that whiter, brighter smile! Contact Dr. Morgan on her Severna Park office today to schedule a consultation and discuss your options.