A lifetime of healthy smiles starts with early dental care! | Dr. Morgan, DDS

From the time the first tooth appears in a baby’s mouth, oral health should be the concern of the parents. Dr. V. Lynn Morgan, DDS, and the staff of her dental office in Severna Park, Md., is committed to providing high-quality dental care for those in their early years through adulthood, and for the rest of the family.

It is important to ensure that a child’s primary, or “baby”, teeth receive proper dental care. Besides laying a foundation for permanent teeth, the “baby teeth” can help refine early eating habits and will also aid in the development of speech. Primary teeth can even be important to the psychological development of a child.

Pediatric dental care is different from adult dental care. A pediatric dentist needs to be able to deal with the anxiety many children experience when in a dental office. In addition to providing routine dental cleanings and fluoride treatment, Dr. Morgan and her staff in Severna Park can offer parents advice on establishing good oral health habits for their children and on such issues as thumb sucking and the use of pacifiers.

One way to combat the fear of dental care experienced by children is by having them see their parents receive care, and our services are geared to accommodating participation by the entire family. Dr. Morgan and her staff encourage parents to bring along their children and let them see for themselves how various dental treatments are carried out. In time, the children will become familiar with the dental office and treatment setting, which will help them feel more relaxed when they are brought in for treatment. The early dental treatment that children receive will set the stage for the oral care that they will need as adults.

Dr. Morgan accepts regular patients starting at the age of 3, and will also see younger children by special appointment or in the event of a dental emergency. Dental health should be the concern to every adult, but it should start in childhood. Set up a consultation with Dr. Morgan at 410-415-9015 or visit our website at www.vlynnmorgandds.com.