Dental implants can provide a long lasting replacement for a missing tooth. | Dr. Morgan

People with missing teeth are usually so self-conscious they tend to hide their beautiful smiles, but modern restorative and cosmetic dentistry provides many options for patients with a missing tooth including dental implants, offered by Dr. V. Lynn Morgan in her Severna Park dental practice.

Considered the “gold standard” by dentists, dental implants are often the best solution for teeth replacement. With proper oral hygiene and regular visits to Dr. Morgan for routine dental care, they can last a lifetime!

To begin the process, Dr. Morgan will coordinate with a local oral surgeon or periodontist to have the tiny, titanium “root” implanted into the jawbone. Following a healing period, she will attach a crown or prosthetic tooth to the post, designed specifically for the patient. The replacement has the look and feel of an actual tooth. It functions like a natural tooth, and there are no health risks involved. Until the healing process from post implantation is over, sometimes a temporary implant is used. This allows the patient to function normally.

Dental implants are also used to anchor dentures or a dental bridge, providing a secure fit and allowing patients to function without diet restrictions or concerns about a loose appliance.

Patients may be concerned about pain and discomfort. The dental implant procedure typically produces no more discomfort than having a tooth extraction. Patients may experience minor swelling and tenderness for two to three days, but this will resolve and they will return to their regular daily routine as the post heals.

There are no more reasons to hide your smile because of missing teeth! With dental implants, Severna Park area dental patients have a “natural” replacement for missing teeth that is comfortable and long lasting.

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